1. Life is kinda hard sometimes.
  2.  Puppies make it worth living.
  3. You should never let other people make you feel bad for existing–you are a necessary light in this world.
  4. All emotions are valid, express them.
  5. Allow yourself to take a break from reality; read a book, write some poetry, just simply exist for a moment.
  6. Never ever doubt yourself, you’ll never know if you never try and you just might be surprised with how things turn out.
  7. Start painting again–it was the greatest choice you ever made.
  8. Heartbreak feels permanent but you’ll laugh at how quickly you forget how you felt about him.
  9. You deserve the love that you have been given.
  10. Sing more…at the top of your lungs if you want.
  11. Don’t make the excuse that you’re living for them–it’s time to live for yourself.
  12. Lists are hard to make.
  13. Remember the little things.
  14. It’s OK to be a little weird and quirky, those are your best traits.
  15. Savor the time that you have, it goes by quite quickly.
  16. I’m proud of you, we did it. 16 years–and many more ahead.

oh wow I’m a year older today 🙂