White noise



“Are you ok?” Um no not really thanks for asking.

“ Is everything ok?” Define ok.

“How can I help?” I don’t know, I’m sorry but I really don’t know.

“What’s going on with you?”  I just, I can’t breathe, I feel numb but everything is on fire.

“Why do you look so down?” Oh it’s nothing see look I’m smiling, I’m smiling I promise.

“I’m here ok I promise.” You said that before, you left me before.

“You’re not alone I’m here.” Then why do I feel so far away?

“You’re special you are, I promise.” How? Tell me how. Tell me. See, you can’t.

“Let me help you.” I never tried to stop you. You just gave up.

“Look at how many people love you.” I know, fuck you, I know, and I love you.

“You’d really do that to them? Really?” Please I just, I can’t breathe. It hurts. I’m hurt.

Give me a reason to stay on this earth. A real reason.


Levis Cordis


To you I say,

You are my equal parts in the form of never ending sunshine. You provide me with a warm glow that I can’t quite pin down and yet it seems it’s never the right time for us. It’s like everyone knows we should end up together—hell even we know—but some force keeps us from admitting anything directly. So we speak in code, a code I can barely decipher and sometimes feel like I’m making up half the time. But you are everything I’m supposed to have; not perfect, but completely the fixation of my adoration. Is third time the charm? Or is it just simply three strikes and you’re out?

To him I say,

I want you so much right now. Asking you for help that night didn’t feel like a mistake but now I know I’ve done some damage to all the work I put forth before; the addictive symptoms have returned and all I want is to hear you say my name. Just once, to hear your voice might stop the incessant pang I feel meeting your gaze across the hall. I ache for you, I find myself wondering what would happen if I proposed something casual—just something to cease this longing and gnawing within my mind.

I am too beautiful of a soul to focus on such trivial nonsense but here I am finding myself backed into a corner. You are what is right for me I believe, to see where we could go gives me anticipation beyond my wildest dreams.

But he, he leaves me with burning desire. I need him to extinguish the spark somehow; staying away from me doesn’t help, it only makes me wish for him more. He can’t hurt me anymore. I know this, he’s done all he can do to break me but I am still breathing; but for him to disregard the fact that I am strong—that I am alive—may send me 6 feet under once again.

Oh my fickle heart, I despise you.


change in habits



I am a person who always initiates things, something I’ve been more aware of this past month as I’ve grown. I think this is what has been my downfall and part of the reason things went so terribly for me earlier in the year; I put effort into things/people that don’t really meet me halfway.

I always make excuses for them, mainly because I know people have reasons to be a bit more forgetful or unable to hold meaningful conversations/provide mutual care. But also because I know I too used to struggle with keeping my head above the water to do even the simplest of tasks. And yet, I know know where to draw my line of tolerance.

Another factor I’ve noticed is how no matter how hard I try I am always made to feel less than–or like I’m not doing enough–and I would accept this. I would let people tell me how I was acting, who I was, the way they perceived my character and how it negatively affected them wasn’t to benefit me. All it did was make me loathe myself even more, question everything I said or did and ultimately view myself as a villain.

I am not a villain, and I do not deserve the treatment I have been given. I am proud of my growth, my ability to spread beyond my comfortable little box and engage with new and exciting people. Yes my tongue is now sharper, but I am simply done with making efforts that are seemingly void; efforts that just seem to fuel others egos.

I am showing those around me that I am not always going to be around, and I am irreplaceable–I hope they feel my absence and know that they caused it. And let it be clear that I am not asking for them to come back and prove to me that they value me more than they have shown–I don’t need that confidence boost when I already have it within myself.

This is what I want to be made clear:

I am an amazing friend, significant other, and most importantly a remarkable human being.

I will demand to be treated as such and nothing less.

Going, Going, Gone.



The past few days have been dizzying. I have been hurt in more ways I can count but I cannot walk away. Am I a fool? Most definitely, but at least I’m aware.

I worry about him, I worry about his sanity–the things that swirl around in his head. So maybe that’s why I chose to stay, because I have this gut feeling; I have this premonition that I am needed right now. But at the same time I am not.

I think people think I’m stupid, careless even. They may think I blindly put my faith in others–oh how wrong they are. I am selective with who I choose to invest in, I must be convinced. And maybe I am shoveling in hours of effort into an empty shell but at least there’s somebody out here trying. I refuse to be another name added to the list of people that have wronged or been wronged by him.

I would rather share whatever light I have been told is possessed within myself, to be that one friendly face among the sea of loathing. I don’t know how long I’ll have, I don’t really care. As long as I can say that I might’ve made some people around me a little bit better I think I’ve done something right.

What can I say? I’m just a silly girl with the stars shining in her eyes.



  1. Life is kinda hard sometimes.
  2.  Puppies make it worth living.
  3. You should never let other people make you feel bad for existing–you are a necessary light in this world.
  4. All emotions are valid, express them.
  5. Allow yourself to take a break from reality; read a book, write some poetry, just simply exist for a moment.
  6. Never ever doubt yourself, you’ll never know if you never try and you just might be surprised with how things turn out.
  7. Start painting again–it was the greatest choice you ever made.
  8. Heartbreak feels permanent but you’ll laugh at how quickly you forget how you felt about him.
  9. You deserve the love that you have been given.
  10. Sing more…at the top of your lungs if you want.
  11. Don’t make the excuse that you’re living for them–it’s time to live for yourself.
  12. Lists are hard to make.
  13. Remember the little things.
  14. It’s OK to be a little weird and quirky, those are your best traits.
  15. Savor the time that you have, it goes by quite quickly.
  16. I’m proud of you, we did it. 16 years–and many more ahead.

oh wow I’m a year older today 🙂