I wanted to stay here forever; your chest was firmly pressed behind me while I doodled lazily in my notebook. I could feel the light vibration of your heart against my back, the delicate way your fingers tangled and untangled my hair; we were content, we were happy. But it had to come to an end.

You were the one that pulled away first; I felt your nimble hands stop working at their intricate braiding and your body shift slightly as you let out a deep sigh.

You told me our time was up before nudging me playfully. I groaned in response and nuzzled myself closer into you. I had pleaded with you to stay with me for these few moments–the only moments I had with you these days. I was selfish, but you didn’t mind; being the amazing person that you are, you graciously complied with my wishes.

You told me that we couldn’t avoid it forever; I simply said “we could try”. You kissed the top of my head with another deep sigh of adoration. The gesture was sweet, but I knew you well enough to know that it meant your word was final.  I pulled away from you so I could see your face, your stature towering over mine in an almost comedic manner.

I asked you if it would be different, and you didn’t answer. You did what you always did, which was stare. But not into my eyes–no, you had the kind of stare that looked at every part of a person’s soul. The type that would make a person squirm uncomfortably and shift their eyes shyly. Only, I had grown accustomed to this mesmerizing gaze and I merely stared back into those hazel mirrors with my eyebrows raised.

You broke the peace once more, standing up and looking down at me expectantly. I tried to search around your eyes for some sort of feeling, but I was drowning in irises. So instead I  held out my hands –trusting you. You grabbed them and led me out of my room, out into the real world.

You painted constellations on my skin 

While the space between us held hushed secrets 

Words spoken for only the moon and stars to hear 

We were in our own galaxy 

Two infinite beings racing towards oblivion



Hey guys! So that was a little excerpt of a novel I am currently working on; the structure is a bit unconventional, it’s basically snapshots of these two people’s lives together. Each chapter ends with a small poem like the one above, it’s been a challenge to write but well worth it I believe. 🙂 

So in the list of topics from a couple of weeks ago I mentioned posting snippets of my stories like this, but I will still cover the other topics. 

Thanks for reading

– one girl

p.s I missed writing on here so much you don’t even understand 🙂