I had to take a break. I use that excuse every time I don’t post up here  after a few weeks–but I mean it this time. I needed a break.

But I’m back, and I’m a junior.

That’s so weird of me to say, my third year of high school…already here. It’s already a stressful time in case you were wondering.

Besides the stress, there are perks to this new year…changes to say the least. Part of me wants to divulge all of the details to you all but I know that it would convey some of my identity to you all. And I’m aware that some people I go to school read my blog–which is really weird to be entirely honest.

I will say this, I have a bit of a problem.

OK you know those crushes where it’s not really like a, “oh please date me I want you to be my significant other” but more so like “I am aware that you’re attractive and I simply want you to be my friend and I care for your well-being”. I’m hoping that made some sort of sense because I have been experiencing this…friend crush if you will.


Because it is simply just adoration. Like I find the person simply interesting–I don’t want to be with them at all. I kinda have feelings for another person so it really is just an innocent adoration of a mutual.

So then why do I feel so guilty? WHY DO I FEEL THE NEED TO EXPLAIN MYSELF?

It’s just really weird ugh I sound like a cliche teen blogger please stop me.

But um yeah that’s all I’ve got for you tonight.