Her Favorite Conundrum



I like to think of people as puzzles.

And maybe it’s inappropriate to think of people as such things, to play this childish game if you will —but it’s a compliment really; people are these vast complex things that vary across the board.

Like puzzles.

You’ve got your simple jigsaw with giant pieces that you can easily place together to get an adorably innocent picture. They’re fun, the end result is just easy to assume from the get go.

Then you’ve got Rubik’s cubes; challenging at first but all you need is a simple algorithim to figure them out. A seemingly self proclaimed chaotic mess that’s really a naive attempt at hiding their true form.

There are countless other puzzles that you may be able to categorize a person in; crude I know but it’s something beautiful to think about.

I may have found a new enigma, a dark mystery—no—a new escapade if you will. You see the thing with me, I’m always looking for the next thrill. My methods before were not the wisest of course, but I’ve learned that you don’t need risky behavior to have fun.

Sometimes adventure lies within a person, and that my friends is the best part about this fucked up world.

The complexity, the beauty of the people around us.

It’s art. It’s a god damn painting and it takes my breath away. I’m sitting here trying to figure out what this canvas is truly conveying but I’m stumped— I love that.

A worthy advisary, let the games begin.



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