Shades of Affection.


I used to love the color orange.

I felt that it was misunderstood, it was a color that was far too underappreciated and needed a little extra loving.

And then I met you; someone else who shared my love for this measly hue and related with me on so many other heartbreaking things.

And then I thought I loved you; I projected my love of this color onto you and didn’t see the splotches of gray that were seeping through your seemingly perfect facade. You blinded me with sweet words and sultry smirks.

But soon reality slapped me in the face and the color orange made me nauseous.

And every little thing reminded me of you and I couldn’t get the taint of your lips out of my mouth or the poisonous touch of your skin out of my mind. I let myself slip away in a matter of days and couldn’t see anything but the color orange.

It consumed me. And my head kept spinning and spinning and I couldn’t feel anything but the dizzy sensation of my mind going mad.

And then I found my favorite shade of blue.

Now I’m grounded and walking tall on my own two feet; and sometimes I’ll stumble or sway a bit when I’m reminded of you but I always go back to that lifeline that has come in the form of a pair of eyes.

Because now I love the color blue.


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