I have written this post maybe 5 times. 

I’m having writers block–real bad. 

It’s your fault too, you’re too much. 

You now make up a whole other part of my existence; it’s much too vast to fit into a measly word count. 

You’ve done it. You have left me utterly speechless. I thought that he would do that–the one before you. But no, YOU did it. The one that I thought had gotten away. 

Yet here you are, mine. My person. After all these months of hopelessly hoping I am somehow sharing my days with you, staring into the deep sea of blue-green that I had missed so so much. 

You are home; that’s the feeling you give me when you squeeze my hand, reminding me that I am truly living for the first time. 

And I would like to apologize, I’m usually a lot more poetic with my words but gosh–how can I even explain the effect you have on me? I mean, I’ve done it before in another post about you but this is different. We’re different now. 

It’s just aghhhh you’re so amazing. Everyday you impress me more and more, I can feel myself falling but it’s not scary at all. It’s slow and lazy, like the leaves making their way down to the now chilled earth. 

You give me feeling–when all I have been for the past 3 years is numb. You make me feel normal, like I’m actually worth more than what I’ve been shown in the past. 

And guess what? 

You’re even more beautiful than I ever could’ve imagined before. 


yo. It has been I don’t even know how long??? Let’s do some updates shall we?

I got the lead in my school play (still in shock and it’s been almost a month???)

I might be going to London this upcoming summer.

I have a boyfriend and he is everything I could ever ask for and more than I could ever need. 

I am really, really happy. The happiest I have been in what feels like a few years. 






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