Basically you’re made out of the brightest stardust in the sky and I don’t really think you understand the beautiful potential that you possess; Like, you make me smile and yet also make me  want to drop down to my knees and praise every inch of skin that was crafted by the universe itself–and I just really appreciate you as a person.

You’re the kind of person that inspires paintings and poems but never gets the chance to read them and know what jewels are buried down deep beneath your soul. I find myself wanting you to hold me tight and let me trace your skin and paint your portrait on your body with my best oil pastels and brushes.

You are just…you’re this lovely person, with this lovely body, and this oh so lovely soul. And the whole crazy thing about this all is that you don’t even realize it! You’re so beautiful– absolutely breathtaking– and you don’t even know it.

So this is my vow–my promise if you will–I will show you, tell you, make it known to you how much I appreciate the holy temple that is yourself. Starting now. 






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