The world is a fuzzy place; things can easily be misconstrued and blurred around the edges. Instead of right turns you make left and take those wobbly steps around the next corner; I have often lived my life through mediocre lenses, squinting at the mirror before me and trying to figure out who I am.

Being around you is like visiting the doctor for a new pair of glasses. I’m sitting in this big chair with scary machines floating around my head while you give me sample after sample of new lenses to try. You help me find the pair that clears all of my senses.

I no longer take careful steps around the corners but rather stomp through neighborhoods with loud sirens and colorful lights that signal my arrival–with you standing right there next to me. Apart, we are just two little specks awkwardly figuring out the world–together we create the world around us.

I have seen colors that were nonexistent, heard sounds that didn’t make sense before, and said words that I’ve been too afraid to say. I’m lucky enough to have you there for all of these milestones in my life–the person I’ve been given the chance to call my best friend.

Some people go through their entire lives with a poor prescription, content with their tunnel vision. I think people like you were put on this earth to show people like me other things in life. People like you were born to give us clarity.

-one girl


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