In All Honesty

I want to be honest with you guys, I know I’ve only published a couple of times but I don’t want you to have any misguided opinions about me.

I’m not a nice person.

I can be nice, but that doesn’t always mean I am 100% of the time; but we’re all human and we all have flaws. My biggest one being that I have a short temper– a trait I sadly inherited from my dad. It’s not like a loud, let-me-throw-a-table anger. It’s a quiet, simmering anger that people are genuinely afraid of until I’ll lash out when one least expects it.

It’s stupid stuff that can change my mood; like if I don’t see a person that I really wanted to see, I go on full shut down mode. I won’t talk, smile or respond to anyone with more than one word. People know to never mess with me at those times because when I come for a person, I’m out for blood.

The thing about being quiet and shy is that I hear things, people underestimate me and say whatever they want around me. So I basically have ammo against them when they gossip about their “friend”.

See what I mean, I’m a horrendous human.

But that part of me isn’t my entire being. I have feelings and often have to remind myself that other do too to prevent myself from becoming that evil side.

I’m not telling you this because you HAVE to like me–you don’t, at all. I want you know everything so you can base your own opinion on what you know. But, I would greatly appreciate it if you didn’t hate me; I have enough people on that list.

Those people hate me for random reasons, not because of the whole crazy-evil side of me. All of us will have or already have someone that doesn’t like us for their own reasons. I’ve had people say they don’t like me because I don’t “look right” and even people that don’t like me because I never talked to them.

All I can say to that is that I’m deeply sorry.

Throughout this blog I will tell you certain things about my life, it is then up to you to decide whether you like me or not. If not then yes, the little pride I have left will be destroyed but I understand. I dislike who I am at times as well.

So let’s go on a joyful ride filled with sad poems, dorky stories and just one helluva time. Who knows? Maybe one day I’ll feel so comfortable that I’ll tell you who I am, wouldn’t that be a grand time?

Thank you for reading you PYT (pretty young thang 😉)

– one girl


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